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Nov '23

search engine optimization techniques 2016.

The year 2016 has started and all the business are busy in planning their marketing strategy, handling their clients, managing their business and lots of many things.
when it come to online marketing we surely come across the concept called SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

In this series of tutorials, We will cover all major points which are important for ranking your site on the first page in 2016.

Google and other search engines have updated their ranking factors and we all must know that what will be topmost point google will use to rank your site in search engine in 2016.

Here are some of the major Top 10 Techniques tips and tricks which will help you to out perform your competitor.

  1. Improve User Experience and speed of your site.
  2. Master Penguin and Panda.
  3. Improve One Page Optimization.
  4. Focus on Local SEO.
  5. Write Engaging Quality Content.
  6. Use Schema Markup
  7. Quality Link Building
  8. Improve Social Media Signals
  9. Optimize Your Site For Google Now Voice Search.

1. Improve User Experience and speed of your site:

     As we already know More and more users are using internet from mobile , so your site must be mobile friendly and make sure to increase page speed to your site, because if your site dose’t load quickly then no buddy is going to sit and wait until your site opens, the will surly go to another site.
Optimize your sites content like images , videos and all other things to increase your users user experience . don’t use huge sized images which will slow down your sites performance.
Use videos and meaning full attractive image graphics to increase your visitor’s engagement and click-through rates. if possible and necessary then get “https”.

Tips By SVFX Animation Studio.

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